Thank you so much for including GRACE in your Book Club!

Book Club Discussion Questions for Grace by Natashia Deon


1. The novel is set in the south, across plantations and shacks, across Georgia and Alabama, with dreams of both North and South. How important is landscape to the narrative? How does it define these characters?

2. Grace shows us the lives of a distinct set of outlaw women, ones who go against the norms of women at that time. Who are these outlaws and how do they affect the story? Do you feel Grace is a novel of empowerment? Discuss.

3. How does regret figure into the narrative and how important is it as a guiding force for these characters?

4. We see many kinds of love in the novel: between a mother and a daughter, a father and a daughter, love between Naomi and Jeremy, and between Josey and her family. How does love work in the novel? How does it sustain these characters or lead to their undoing?

5.  The novel contradicts the misconception that the day of The Emancipation Proclamation was a joyful one for slaves and looks at the confusing aftermath of that event and the continuing Civil War. Were you surprised to read this? How do the characters contend with this confusing and violent time?

6. Grace eloquently presents the idea of an afterlife as Naomi narrates the book from beyond, watching her daughter grow up and live her life. How did this presentation affect your reading of the novel? What other books and film have grappled with this issue? Does it change or alter your ideas of an afterlife?

7. How did you feel at the end of the novel? Do you feel justice was served? How important is the idea of justice to these characters? Is mercy more important? Discuss how all of these helped the character move forward from the events of the novel.

8. Discuss how the idea of grace is used in the novel. How would you define it?


     Natashia Deón


“A haunting, visceral novel that heralds the birth of a powerful new voice in American fiction.” Starred Kirkus Review